Peace of Mind with Our Cannabiz Accounting Services

Feel confident in the certainty of your financial records. We empower cannabusiness to stay in compliance and increase profits with our cannabiz accounting services. We make sure you are in compliance with the prevailing tax laws, as well as updating all accounting to have you prepared for financial review.

As a CEO of a cannabis company, there are many hats that you need to wear to grow and protect your cannabiz business, but having your accounting team giving you the right guidance will be immense.

YourCannaCFO is here to help you improve or establish processes that ensure all spending for your business is documented. Reduce manual entries, ensure completeness in your reporting and track your budgets effectively all in one place.

Our Cannabiz Accounting System brings:


We understand the financial and organizational struggles cannabis businesses face with today’s laws and can provide compliant financial reporting and accounting infrastructure needed to succeed.

Spend Insights

Visibility into your purchase process allows you to plan strategically; from how long it takes to approve line items to the cycle time with your vendors.

Confidence in Records

Strong financial reporting will give you as the CEO an inside looks at your company. Having confidence in your financial records you will be able to make sound business decisions based on how the company is running now, and how you would like it to be in the future.

Peace of Mind

We pride ourselves in offering our clients our most valuable assets- our support, our expertise, and our time. We realize that you have many concerns throughout the year and we want to ensure that we stay in regular communication with you throughout the year.

We have developed unique accounting practices that put us in the forefront of cannabiz accounting.  We wanted to be able to help cannabis CEO’s get their books up to date, give them clarity on the numbers, and peace of mind that all will be well.

If you are ready to move forward in your business, set up a time with us today!

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