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Adam B. Remis,      CPA, MSIM, CISA

Adam Remis, CPA is the Owner and has over 25 years of accounting, tax and financial reporting experience servicing small to medium size companies.  The past 8 years, Mr. Remis has been working as a CFO for various public and private companies. Mr. Remis has seen first hand the medical benefits of cannabis on friends and family and realizes that the industry has some very unique challenges from banking, financing, accounting and tax compliance.  We look forward to learning more about your business and seeing where we can be of assistance as your cannabis financial consultants.

Javier Melendez

YourCanna Marketing Director

Javier Melendez is the Marketing Director and runs our Your Hemp CFO customer service.

Mr. Melendez has interviewed and spoken to hundreds of cannabis business owners throughout the United States. He understands this industry’s unique challenges, especially the unique tax, accounting, and banking issues. Mr. Melendez is a Licensed Life insurance agent and has a broad history in Management, Finance, life insurance, and tax compliance. He takes pride in customer service to ensure all of your questions will be answered, and your expectations are exceeded. Mr. Melendez lives in the Northern California area and is ready to assist you.

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